Irrigation Technician Position

Position Status: Accepting applications

Positions Available: Full or part time

Must Be Able To Work Weekends + Holidays

Do you like to get your hands dirty? Enjoy having a partner or going it alone- this job has it both ways. This position is seasonal, so you can hit the ski slopes in the off season.

Do you know your way around a sprinkler clock, electronics, head to head coverage, pipe sizes, sprinkler discharge, soil types, and how to apply your knowledge & skills? This job is demanding both mentally and physically. Tools and assistance are supplied to help you though those tough spots. Experience required!

Pay range is $16-$22 per hour depending on experience and might have overtime during the spring and summer. Advancement, training, medical insurance, sick days and bonuses are possible after your first year. We have been helping grow trees, plants, peoples knowledge and a sense of community for over 4 decades. Doing a good job, helping bring happiness to our customers and looking out for our fellow peers are most important.

Being a self starter, handling some pressure to keep the plants happy, good communication skills, and customer service are a must.


  • Evaluate sprinkler clocks
  • Evaluate run times
  • Evaluate water needs and water usage
  • Offer sound advice
  • Repairs
  • Follow up with proper paperwork




Hourly based pay. $20-$25 per hour depending on experience. Experience is required.