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Ace 55   80 Det Large VF Very good flavor and excellent yields, lower in acid
Ace High Improved * 71 Det Medium VFFNA Well adapted for growing in  Western States, wonderful flavor
Basket Pac   55   Small   Cascading branches, excellent for hanging baskets
Beefmaster * 80 Ind Very large VFN Solid, meaty, outstanding fruit taste
Beefsteak * 90 Ind Large   Huge, delicious, ribbed fruit on vigorous vines
Better Boy * 75 Ind Large VFN One of the best tasting, best producing garden tomatoes
Better Girl * 62 Ind Medium VFN Meaty, crack-resistant fruit, heavy yield
Big Beef * 73 Ind Ex. large VFFNTA Impressive yields of extra-large fruit w/ real old time flavor
Big Boy * 78 Ind Very large   Smooth scarlet fruit w/thick walls and meaty flesh
Big Girl * 78 Ind Large VF Solid red fruits up to 1 lb. with luscious flavor-great for slicing
Black Krim Heirloom 75-90 Ind Large   Dark, brown-red, richly flavored w/hint of saltiness, heavy producer
Boxcar Willie   80 Ind Med   Abundant, smooth red tomatoes delicious flavor
Brandywine Heirloom 80 Ind Large   Exceptional rich, succulent flavor; pink-red fruit w/creamy flesh
Burpee's Delicious   77 Ind Ex-Lg   Almost solid interior, good foliage protection
Caspian Pink Heirloom 80 Ind Med/Lg   Pink beefsteak fruit, sweet yet rich flavor
Celebrity * 70 Det Large VFFNTA Exceptionally flavorful, highly productive, widely adaptable.
Champion * 70 Ind Large VFNT Solid, meaty slices with just the right sweetness, high yields
Cherokee Purple Heirloom 80 Ind Medium   Dusty deep pink with purplish tint and green shoulders; oblate
Early Girl * 62 Ind Small V Proven variety for delicious, early tomatoes; dependable harvest
First Lady * 66 Ind Med VFNT Early variety, smooth, crack-resistant, flavorful
Gardener's Delight * 65 Ind Small   Sm fruited clusters of 6-12 tomatoes-sugar sweet & crack resistant
German Pink Heirloom 78 Ind Large   Pink beefsteak w/excellent, sweet flavor, meaty w/few seeds
Goliath Heirloom 85 Ind Lg/Huge   Solid with few seeds; classic beefsteak shape and flavor
Golden Boy * 75 Ind     Only hybrid in the yellow tomato group
Great White Heirloom 85 Ind Large   White beefsteak tomato w/sweet flavor & lots of juice
Green Grape   70 Det 1 inch   Very short compact plant, a real taste treat
Green Zebra Heirloom Mid-Season Ind Small   Yellowish green with stripes; oblate
Heartland * 68 Ind Med VFN Only 3-4' tall, produce an abundance of meaty 6-8 oz fruit all season
Heat Wave * 68 Det Med VFFA Heat tolerant. Uniformly red, abundantly produced
Jubilee   80 Ind Large   Bright golden-orange, delicious taste & solid smooth substance
La Roma * 62 Det Medium VF One of the very best Italian-type tomatoes for vigor and uniformity
Lemon Boy * 72 Ind Medium VFN Lemon yellow, flavor is mild & sweet yet tangy
Mama Mia * 62 Det Small VFF Pear-shaped fruit, very productive
Mortgage Lifter Heirloom Late Mid-Season Ind Large   Deep pink beef-steaks
Mule Team Heirloom 80 Ind Med/Lg   Red globes with slight ribbing at the stem end, sweetness & zip
Oregon Spring V   58 Det Med/Lg V Cold-tolerant for short season, nearly seedless, juicy and tender
Patio * 70 Det Sm/Med F Dwarf variety, produce large harvests of bright red flavorful tomatoes
Pineapple   85 Ind Large   Bicolored red & yellow, rich, fruity and sweet flavor
Red Cherry Large   70 Ind 1 inch   Abundant clusters of firm, round cherry tomatoes
Red Pear   70 Ind 2 inch   Clusters of pear shaped fruit are scarlet red, tasty in salads
Red Robin   55 Ind 1 inch   Dwarf variety, bears masses of fruit w/mild, sweet flavor
Roma   78 Det 3 inch VF Bright red fruit may be pear or plum shaped, popular for paste sauces and canning
Sausage Heirloom 78 Ind Med   Red paste tomato, very meaty and quite prolific
Super Beefsteak   80 Ind Large VFN Rich, delicious beefsteak, superior disease resistance
Super Fantastic * 70 Ind Large VF Smooth, solid, and meaty w/delicious flavor - well adapted
Sweet 100 * 58 Ind 1 inch   Huge clusters of very sweet fruit w/high vitamin C content
Sweet Cluster * 67 Ind Small VFNT Long cluster of 4oz fruit - sweet and delicious - good shelf life
Tomatillo   75       Round, green tomatillo w/sweet yet tart flavor. Easily grown & prolific
Ultra Boy * 72 Ind Large VFN High yields, good keeping quality, 1 lb. fruit
Ultra Girl   56   Medium VFN Good resistance to cracking
Whopper * 70 Ind Large VFNT Sweet, juicy flavor, high yield
Yellow Pear   78 Ind 1 inch   Pear shaped, clear yellow, delightfully sweet
Yellow Pear Heirloom Mid Season Ind Small   Pear shaped, clear yellow, delightfully sweet
**Determinate plants - vines that make little or no growth once fruit is set. Harvest time is short - the fruit develops at about the same time.
**Indeterminate keeps producing new shoots & blossoms even after fruit set. All stages of development may be on the vine at once.
***Variety names followed by the initials V,F,N,T, and A mean the variety is resistant or tolerant to the most common tomato problems.