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An Enclosure Of Tall Perennials

A Alcea 'Singles Mix'
Velvety leaves and cup-shaped flowers along tall spires bring a delightful combination of hollyhocks, all with "single" flowers for an unadorned beauty. Height 5-7' Durable to -20° F
G Heliopsis 'Summer Sun'
A rugged, reliable plant with erect branching stems bearing bright sunny flowers throughout the summer. Height 48" Durable to -40° F
B Buddleia 'Dark Knight'
Large shrubs with long branches arching out gracefully. Provides an especially generous blossom display. Height 6-8' Durable to -20° F
H Malva 'Alba'
Charming white flowers aplenty from early summer to frost and deeply divided, lightly aromatic, light green leaves. Height 36" Durable to-30° F
C Buddleia 'Nanho Purple'
Large shrubs with long, arching branches and tiny fragrant purple flowers. Height 4-6' Durable to -20° F
I Malva 'Fastigiata'
Deep pink flowers aplenty on multi-stemmed plants with rounded, velvety, light green leaves. Height 36-48" Durable to -30° F
D Buddleia 'Pink Delight'
Delightfully showy, especially large flower clusters on long branches, arching out gracefully. Height 6-7' Durable to -20° F
J Miscanthus 'Sarabande'
Clump-forming grasses with exceptional silvery-green leaves which turn to a soft caramel color in winter. Height 5-7' Durable to -20° F
E Calamagrostis 'Karl Foerster'
Slender deep green leaves and tall, handsome flower plumes. Height 36-48" Durable to -20° F
K Perovskia 'Filigran'
Graceful, pleasing shrubs with delicate grayish-green foliage and stems, and an upright habit. Height 36-48" Durable to -20° F
F Erianthus ravennae
Long plumes and reed-like grass with flat leaf blades that turn to russet shades in the fall. Also known as Hardy Pampas Grass. Height 8-14' Durable to -40° F
L Veronicastrum 'Rosea'
Tall vertical accent with long terminal spikes of small, lavender-pink flowers. Stems are sturdy and seldom need staking. Height 48" Durable to -40° F


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