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Habitat Garden

A Haven for Butterflies and Hummingbirds

As pleasing to the eye as it is to its winged visitors, this garden shimmers in scarlet, purple, orange, and yellow, the vibrant colors most attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. The selected perennials also feature fragrance and special characteristics-clusters of small flowers and tubular forms-essential to drawing your small guests. The Butterfly Bush (Buddleia) and Caryopteris shrubs provide shelter for delicate butterfly wings on windy days. Don’t forget to provide a source of water; butterflies prefer sipping from a shallow container filled with gravel and water. And place a few attractive flat stones in your garden where butterflies can bask in the sun. For optimal results, hang a hummingbird feeder near your garden, since these tiny birds must feed almost non-stop. Plant this garden in full sun for best results; more than a few hours of shade will result in decreased flowering and less vigorous growth. The ornamental grasses have been included to lend grace, texture, and year-long beauty to your garden. Plant in groups of three except where indicated.


Achillea 'Paprika' These ruddy-orange flowers with yellow centers are reliable and easy to care for. Height 18". Durable to -40° F



Monarda 'Gardenview Scarlet' Clump-forming plants with dark green foliage that contrasts beautifully with the bright scarlet flowers. Height 36-48" Durable to -30° F

B Buddleia 'Nanho Purple' Large shrubs with long, arching branches and tiny fragrant purple flowers. Height 4-6' Durable to -20° F I


Origanum 'Herrenhausen' Aromatic foliage and tubular purple flowers in small, compact spikes. Requires virtually no maintenance. Height 18-24" Durable to -30° F
C Caryopteris 'Longwood Blue' Silvery-green foliage provides a handsome contrast to its stunning blue fiowers. Height 24-36" Durable to -20° F J


Pennisetum 'Hameln' A dwarf cultivar with graceful green leaves and arching spikes of foxtail-like flower heads. Perfect for groundcover or to soften pathways. Height 12-24" Durable to -20° F
D Delphinium 'Casa Blanca' A low, well-branched variety that produces white flowers in a delicate, open habit. Seldom needs staking. Height 48" Durable to -40° F   K


Penstemon 'Elfin Pink' Long glossy leaves form low clumps, and sturdy stems with smaller leaves bear charming rose-pink foxglove-like flowers in loose panicles. Height 12" Durable to -40° F
E Deschampsia 'Bronze Veil' Clumping grasses with handsome golden brown flowers in a profusion of drooping panicles. Height 36" Durable to -30° F L 


Phlox 'David' Trusses of fragrant pure white flowers, held aloft sturdy stems with thin, oblong leaves. Height 24" Durable to -30° F
F Echinacea 'Magnus' Distinctive convex flowers with wine-red ray florets and a vaulted, gold-brown, prickly disc. Height 36" Durable to -40° F M  Scabiosa 'Butterfly Blue' Lavish lavender-blue flowers are showy, easily grown, long-blooming, and prolific. Height 18" Durable to -40° F
G Liatris 'Kobold' Wildflowers on dense spikes atop leafy stems. A pleasing addition to the back of a mixed border. Height 20-30" Durable to -40°F      


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