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Clematis Information


Etoile Violette

Description: 2"-4" reddish, violet purple blooms in July to September

Color: Purple

Height: 90

Pruning: Hard*


None (Group 1): Bears flowers on previous season's stems, varieties such as alpina, macropetala and montana. Year 2, cut to 36". Year 3 and after just remove dead or weak stems after flowering and to shape the plant.

Moderate (Group 2): Bears flowers on old wood (often double or semi-double) and on new wood (usually single). Year 2 cut to 36" in January/February. In following years remove approximately 1/3 of the new growth down to a strong set of buds in January/February.

Hard (Group 3): Bears flowers on new growth each year. These are the summer-blooming varieties. All old growth should be removed to within 12"-18" of the ground each year.



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