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Plants for Fall Color

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Red Fall Color

Acer x freemanii, Autumn Blaze Maple
Fraxinus pennsylvanica, Urbanite Ash
Acer ginnala, Amur Maple
Acer ginnala, Embers Amur Maple
Prunus sargentii, Sargent Cherry
Acer rubrum & cultivars, Red Maple
Pyrus calleryana, Autumn Blaze Pear
Acer saccharum cultivars, Sugar Maple
Amelanchier x grandiflora, Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry
Quercus palustris, Pin Oak
Quercus rubra, Red Oak
Sorbus hupehensis, Coral Fire Mt. Ash

Yellow Fall Color

Acer platanoides, Norway Maple
Acer platanoides, Columnar Norway Maple
Acer platanoides, Emerald Queen Maple
Acer platanoides, Oregon Pride Maple
Acer platanoides, Superform Maple
Acer saccharum cultivars, Sugar Maple
Acer tataricum, Tatarian Maple
Betula jacquemontii, Jacquemonti Birch
Betula nigra, Heritage Birch
Betula nigra. River Birch
Betula papyrifera, Paper Birch
Betula pendula, Young's Weeping Birch
Betula pendula 'Dalecarlica', Cut Leaf Weeping Birch
Betula platyphylla. Whitespire Birch
Celtis occidentalis, Common Hackberry
Cercis canadensis, Redbud
Cotinus obovatus. American Smoketree
Fraxinus nigra, Fallgold Ash
Fraxinus pennsylvanica, Green Ash
Fraxinus pennsylvanica, Marshall's Seedless Ash
Fraxinus pennsylvanica. Patmore Green Ash
Fraxinus pennsylvanica, Summit Ash
Ginkgo biloba, Ginkgo
Gleditsia triacanthos inermis. Honeylocust
Gymnocladus diocus, Kentucky Coffee Tree
Koeireuteria paniculata, Golden Rain Tree
Larix kaempferi, Japanese Larch
Morus alba. Fruitless Weeping Mulberry
Populus tremuloides, Quaking Aspen
Tilla species, Linden

Orange Fall Color

Amelanchier laevis, Serviceberry
Cratageus, Hawthorn

Purple Fall Color

Fraxinus americana species , Autumn Purple Ash
Pyrus calleryana, Aristocrat Pear
Pyrus calleryana, Autumn Blaze Pear
Pyrus calleryana, Chanticleer Pear
Pyrus calleryana, Red Spire Pear
Viburnum lentago, Nannyberry Viburnum


Red Fall Color

Acer ginnala, Amur Maple
Amelanchier laevis, Serviceberry
Aronia, Red and Black Chokeberries
Berberis, Barberry
Cornus, Dogwood
Cotoneaster, Cotoneaster
Euonymous alata, Burning bush
Rhus, Sumac
Spiraea, Gold Flame Spiraea
Viburnum sp., Viburnum

Yellow Fall Color

Calycanthus, Carolina Allspice
Caragana arborescens, Siberian Peashrub
Hamamelis, Witch Haze!
Physocarpus , Nine Bark

Reddish-Purple Fall Color
Cornus, Dogwood
Cotinus coggygria. Royal Purple Smokebush
Hydrangea quercifolia, Oak Leaf Hydrangea
Prunus Cistena, Cistena Plum
Spiraea, Anthony Waterer Spiraea
Syringa patula, Miss Kim Lilac
Viburnum lentago, Nannyberry
Viburnum plicatum. Doublefile Viburnum


Parthenocissus tricuspidata, Boston Ivy
Parthenocissus quincuefolia, Virginia Creeper

Blueberry, Red
Grape, Gold, Bronze, Burgundy



Misc. Plants For Fall And Winter Interest

Ornamental Grasses   dried seed heads fall and winter
Nandina sp. Heavenly Bamboo red berries and bright red evergreen winter foliage
Ilex sp. Holly red berries
Pyracantha sp. Firethorne orange to red berries
Cotoneaster sp.   orange to bright red berries
Ampelopsis brevipendunculata Porcelain Vine greenish ivory to brilliant metallic blue berries
Callicarpa sp.Beautyberry Beautyberry lavender to dark purple berries
Symphoricarpos alba Snowberry white berries
Symphoricarpos orbiculatus Coralberry purplish-red berries
Cornus sp. Dogwood yellow and red stems
Photinia sp.   white/green broadleaf evergreen
Corylus contorta Contorted Filbert contorted branches and trunk
Yucca sp. Gold Sword Yucca golden color fall and winter
Rose rugosa sp.   rose hips

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