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Plants for the Seasons

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Cool Season Vegetables*

Asparagus Celery Kale Radish
Beets Chard Kohlrabi Rhubarb
Broccoli Chinese Cabbage Leek Salsify
Brussels Sprouts Chives Lettuce Shallots
Cabbage Collards Onion Spinach
Chamomile Endive Parsnip Turnip
Carrots Fennel Peas  
Cauliflower Garlic (Fall)    
Potatoes can withstand light frosts, but should be covered if a hard frost is expected.

Cool Season Bedding Plants*

California Poppy Morning Glory Snapdragons Sweet Alyssum
Dianthus Ornamental Kale Scarlet Runner Beans Sweet Pea
Flax Pansy Stock Violas
Lavender Primrose Sunflower  

Warm Season Vegetables**

Basil Dill Okra Sweet Potatoes
Beans Eggplant Peppers Tarragon
Catnip Marjoram Pumpkin Tomatoes
Cilantro Melons Rosemary Watercress
Corn New Zealand Spinach    

Warm Season Bedding Plants**

Agertum Celosia Lantana Petunia
Annual Phlox Cosmos Lobelia Portulaca
Asters Dahlia Marigold Salvia
Bachelor Button Geranium Nasturtium Verbena
Balsam Impatiens Nicotiana Zinnia
* Can Tolerate some frost **Cannot tolerate frost
The average last frost date in this area is Memorial Day

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