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All About Conifers for Nevada

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White—60h x 20w Native resembling Blue Spruce with softer needles. Does best in well drained acid or neutral soil. Best for the foothills or protected residential lots

Candicans—Extremely blue form of White Fir with same needle and requirements.

Arizona or Cork—30h x 12w Smaller and denser than the White Fir


Blue Atlas—40h x 30w Short, stiff blue needle pyramidal evergreen.

Weeping—Easily trained to any shape—great accent plant

Deodar—60h x 30w Light to medium green short needled evergreen. Draping branches

European or Japanese—40h x 20w Soft deep green deciduous foliage with golden yellow fall color. Native to Idaho called Tamarac when sold as firewood.
Weeping Larch—Same foliage as above with long pendulous branches. Great accent or pond plant.
Colorado Green Spruce—70h x 30w Sharply pointed stiff short green needles. Tolerates most conditions—acid, moist, dry or alkaline soils.
Colorado Blue Spruce—Same as above but needles are blue. One of the favorites in our area.
Bakeri—40h x 20w Good silvery-blue color with a pyramid habit
Creeping—Low mounding form to use as a ground cover for large sites.
Fat Albert—40h x 30w Blue color, growing large and quite wide i.e. Bill Cosby’s Fat Albert
Hoopsii— 35h x 15w Steel blue and heavier needle than species. Irregular growth when young.
Globe—6h x 6w Slow growing rounded blue spruce
RH Montgomery—12h x 5w Pyramidal form of dwarf tree with good blue color
Norway—-60h x 20w Short dark green needles without stiff points.
Weeping Norway—Same type of needles. Wonderful accent
Repens—2h x 6w Compact dwarf form resembling a green birds nest. Likes
afternoon shade.
Serbian—50h x 20w Short blue-green needle, with draping branches - dense
Dwarf—5h x 3w Compact, rounded. Short, stiff blue-green needle
Austrian—40h x 15w Long needled dark green pine which retains its lower branches as it matures. Tolerate most sites with wet being exception.
Dwarf Austrian—25h x 8w Same in most aspects except for size.
Hornibrookiana—15h x 15w Globe form of Austrian with shorter habit.
Arnold’s Sentinel—30h x 6w Columnar form.
Oregon Green—30h x 10w Smaller with very stiff dark green needles.
Bristlecone—16h x6w Slow growing native. Irregular, upright. Dark green needles flecked with white spotting.
Bosnian—20h x 10w Densely branched, dark green stiff needle. Upright growth
Eastern White—50h x 15w A long soft green needle with blue band underneath. Usually open airy look with soft swishing sound during the winds. Does not tolerate wet soils.
Columnar—25h x 8w Same as above only narrower.
Contorted—30h x 15w Twisted needles and branches resembling a perm.
Dwarf—6h x 10w Compact, rounded form.
Himalayan—40h x 15w Open, airy, very long soft 5-needle pine
Jeffrey—80h x 30w Native to Sierras. Medium green long stiff needles. Self lower limbing as it matures.
Mugo—8h x 8w to 20h x 15w Multi stem shrub with green needles. Extremely variable growth with longer needles exhibiting larger shrub.

Many varieties tout smaller growth habit: Slowmound, Oregon Jade, Pumilio, Tyrolean, Valley Cushion

Pinon—20h x 10w Slow growing 2-needle native.
Ponderosa—80h x 30w Native to Sierras. Medium green long stiff needles. Self lower limbing as it matures.
Scotch—40h x 20w Medium length green blue needles. Irregular in growth habit when young.

Columnar—30h x 6w Good in the valleys since heavy snows will break branches.
Dwarf—8h x 8w Compact, rounded to pyramidal form.
Hillside Creeper—3h x 20w Groundcover pine for large areas

Tanyosho—10h x 10w Compact, rounded pine with long soft green needles.
Vanderwolf’s Limber—40h x 15w Dense soft blue-green needles with extremely
flexible branchesVanderwolf’s Limber. Nice pyramidal.

Western White—40h x 20w Soft needled, open, flexible pine

Sequoia-Redwood Giant—80h Stately, pyramidal specimen. Bronze winter color.

Weeping—40h Same as Giant, but pendulous branching
Hazel Smith—80h Same as Giant, but blue foliage. Same winter color.



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