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All About Apples

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Apples are self-fertile but some varieties may not set a good crop without a pollinator. Any two varieties that bloom together offer cross-pollination, but planting a very early and a very late variety will not ensure pollination. A few apples have infertile pollen and a pollenizer is required. Some are partly self-fruitful setting bigger crops with a pollenizer.

Pests and Disease

The most common problem with apples are coddling moth and other fruit-spoiling pests. Occasionally aphids, mites, scale and fireblight will also be problems. A regular spray schedule is the best protection for your tree. Dormant oil sprays or dormant disease control sprays applied in January or February before the buds swell, when the tree is dormant, helps to control these pests by killing overwintering insect eggs. Further insect control may be achieved by spraying with a pesticide safe for use on fruit trees. Coddling moth traps may also be used for those who do not like to spray, but must be implemented prior to flowering to be effective. Fireblight can be treated by spraying with Agristrep-Agrimycin when blossoms begin and repeating at 5 day intervals until all late blossom is over. A fungicide can also be recommended to control diseases such as mildew where there is a problem.

Available Varieties:

Due to the uncertainty of wholesale grower stock, trucking and weather, all varieties will not be available at all times. Although we do have the ability to special order some stock, we make no guarantee of its arrival and cheerfully encourage alternate selections.
P= Pollenizer required PS= Partly self-fruitful

Akane: Bright red skin; crisp, juicy white flesh. P: Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious
Arkansas Black: An extremely beautiful apple. This medium-sized apple turns nearly black when mature. hard crisp white flesh. Good for cider, fresh eating and cooking. Keeps well.
Braeburn: Medium to large. Skin is green overlaid with stripe of dark crimson. Flesh is firm, crisp and very juicy. Mildly sweet, tart, excellent flavor. Stores well
Cortland: Radiant red color with smooth white flesh. Sweet-tart, sparkling flavor. Does not brown after cutting. Great for fresh eating, cooking, and cider. Heavy producer.
Early Granee: The fruit is medium to large and is bright, glossy green. The flesh is firm, crisp, juicy, but tart, making it an excellent choice for cooking.
Empire: This cross between McIntosh and Delicious has medium uniform fruit with dark red striped skin and whitish cream flesh that is firm, medium textured, crisp, very juicy and of excellent eating quality.
Fireside: An outstanding baking apple. It’s crisp, sweet and juicy fruit holds well when baked. The skin is a solid scarlet red.
Fuji: Medium. Yellowish-green base with red blush over entire surface. Firm, crunchy, juicy, white flesh with excellent flavor. Stores well.
Gala: This variety gains high marks for quality as a fresh fruit with the advantage of long storage life. The medium-sized fruit is yellow brightly striped with red.
Garden Delicious: A delightful apple for smaller yards. Small to medium. Greenish-yellow skin with attractive red color. Good quality and keeps well
Golden Russet: Fruit is nearly round, golden russet with a bronze cheek. Flesh is yellowish, fine-grained, crisp and tender. Excellent for eating fresh and for desserts and salads.
Granny Smith: Medium to large, bright glossy green fruit. The flesh resembles Golden Delicious but is tarter. It can be eaten fresh or in desserts, salads, and pies.
Gravenstein: The fruit is large but not uniform, with skin that is red against light green. the greenish yellow flesh is moderately textured, crisp, firm, and juicy. It is excellent for eating fresh, in sauce and pies.  P: Empire Fuji, Gala, Red Delicious Tart, crisp—good for everything apple.
Honeycrisp: Sweet, exceptionally crisp golden apple with juicy flesh. Stores well up to 5 months.
Jonagold: Extra large fruit with light scarlet red skin. Flesh is crisp with an outstanding flavor. Cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious. P: Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith or Red Delicious, not Golden Delicious
Jonathan: The fruit is medium-sized and uniform. Skin is washed-red and pale yellow, with firm, crisp, juicy flesh, with a rich flavor that makes it a good choice for snacks, salads, and other culinary uses.
Liberty: Purplish red tart fruit. Flavorful; keeps well.
Lodi: Medium to large sized fruit. The skin is light green, sometimes with a slight orange blush. The flesh is nearly white, with a slightly greenish tinge, fine-grained, tender, juicy and sour. The eating quality is only fair, but cooking quality is excellent. P: McIntosh, Spartan, Liberty, Wealthy
McIntosh: Medium to large fruit with sweet, tender, juicy, white flesh. Very good fresh or in sauce, pies or cider. The skin is yellow with a bright red blush. PS
Mutsu: Very large, crisp & flavorful. Pick when green or wait until partly yellow. P: Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji, Gala
Northern Spy: The fruit is large, with yellow and red stripes, and the flesh is yellowish, firm, and crisp. the quality is excellent fresh and for pies. The fruit bruises easily, but has a long storage life. P: Golden Delicious
Pink Pearl: Medium to small. Pretty pink blush over yellow skin. Flesh is light pink in color. Tender, smooth, juicy, tart flesh. Makes an attractive, tasty, pink applesauce. P: any pollenizer
Pippin: Large, green fruit. Crisp and tart, fair for eating, excellent for cooking.
Red Delicious: Medium to large size fruit, with skin color striped to full red; the flesh is moderately firm in texture and very sweet and juicy. Excellent for fresh-eating and desserts.
Rome Beauty: One of the best baking apples. Medium in texture, firm and crisp. This apple has a beautiful, solid, medium dark red color. Long storage life.
Sierra Beauty: Large, yellow fruit with red stripes. Firm, sweet-tart. Keeps well.
Spartan: A cross between McIntosh and Yellow Newtown, the fruit is medium-sized, uniform. Dark red skin and light yellow, firm, tender flesh. P: Lodi, Wealthy, Liberty
State Fair: Bright red apple with juicy, good texture—semi-acid to sweet flavor. All purpose apple.

Summerred: Medium to large apple. Skin is bright solid with red blush. Flesh is fine in texture, soft, with a sharp, full, rich flavor. Good eating fresh and in sauce or pies.

Sweet 16: Dark red apple with yellow flesh which is very sweet. Crisp and juicy flavor with an unusual aromatic flavor. Excellent dessert apple.
Tydeman’s Late Orange: Richly flavored connoisseurs’ favorite Reddish-orange stripes over greenish yellow color. Yellowish flesh is firm & juicy. Good keeper: P: Gala, Fuji, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith
Wealthy: Red apple excellent for fresh eating, pies, and sauces. Keeps well. Mellow flavor.
Winesap: Medium, round fruit with bright to deep red speckled skin. Yellow, firm, crisp flesh, tangy flavor. Good for dessert, canning or juice. A great lunch apple. Keeps well.  P: Red or Golden Delicious, Fuji, Gala, Liberty Winter Banana: Medium to large. Golden yellow. Flesh fine-grained with very rich sub-acid flavor. A favorite for cider. PS
Wolf River: Blushed and striped red over pale yellow. Use for cooking, fresh and for drying. Firm, juicy flesh is slightly aromatic. PS: Northern Spy, Melrose, Golden Delicious.
Yellow/Golden Delicious: Fruit is medium to large and uniform in size. Skin is greenish-yellow with a bright pink blush. the flesh is firm, crisp, juicy, and sweet—excellent fresh and in desserts and salads.

Yellow Transparent:This apple is still valued as an early green cooking apple. Medium-sized with greenish-yellow skin. The texture is fine-grained, crisp, and juicy—excellent fresh or for sauce and pies.


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